With it being the coldest March day on record in the UK, I was hoping that it would bring in some good size waves to get out in the sea with my camera and capture a few shots.

There were strong onshore winds that were creating a rather messy and frothy look to the waves. I wouldn’t normally go in when the waves are this messy but with the snow coming down and the conditions being more extreme than usual I felt it was definitely worth a go.

I decided to film a short clip of the day and convinced my friend Sean to come out in the freezing cold and get some footage. It was showing -5 degrees so I needed my warmest wet suit to have any chance of keeping the cold out

I was aware of the strong rip tides, which means the water can pull you out very quickly

We headed down to the beach and were met with some pretty extreme conditions. As always I was excited to get in the water and see what shots I could get. There is always that initial shock when my face is met with the freezing cold water but after a few minutes of battling the elements, I soon warmed up!

I was aware of the strong rip tides, which means the water can pull you out very quickly, this can be really dangerous if you are not aware of them, so requires total concentration. The key was for me not to go out much above waist height, anymore than that and you start to become buoyant, once this happens you can be easily be dragged out to sea.

It was great to look back and see the beach covered in snow as this does not often happen. My aim was to try and capture one of these foamy white waves whilst also showing the snowy white coast in the background.

After about an hour in the water, I had a couple of waves that hit me to the side of my face and flush freezing cold water into my wet suit. With the waves not being that clean in shape I decided to call it a day and also relieve Sean from the freezing cold wind and head back home to see what we had captured from the shoot.

I have added the a short video from the day, take a minute to have a watch. I hope you enjoy it.


4 thoughts on “Beast From The East

  1. Don Wood

    You actually went into those waves? I have seen picture and videos of the sea conditions and it looked brutal. I stayed at home where it was nice and warm! You wouldn’t get me going out in those waves. But then my wheelchair don’t float.

  2. Ross Andrews

    It was full on and a little cold. I am preparing for an exhibition this September titled – Thrills and Spills.
    I’m working on some more challenging images.

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