My passion is the coast, I couldn’t be away from it. Living in the UK is perfect, it’s all around me. I’m happiest when I’m on the sand or in the sea.


Having grown up on the coast, Ross has always been passionate about the sea and spends a lot of his time on the beach. He has fully immersed himself in this which shows in his art and photography. He pushes himself physically to capture the life and power of the sea. He captures the waves in full force and offers a new view of them, unfamiliar to and unseen by many. He endeavours to bring the sea and the coastline together from and beyond the wave. Awareness, patience and timing are key elements to Ross’ work. Some pieces can take more than two years to capture and with a very small window of opportunity, all of the elements have to simultaneously come together. This is about combining photography, art and science whilst battling the elements of the sea, often at it’s most fierce.

This is also seen in his sand art. Ross uses the natural environment as his canvas which means that he is working with but often against the elements and as a result making his work ephemeral. Most of Ross’ work is done on a freestyle basis, often with no planning but a visualization that feels right at the time. As he is unable to see what he is drawing, due to the scale and close proximity. He hopes that what he has visualised appears across the very large canvas he is using.

Ross’ work has been showcased on TV on a number of occasions and has attracted national press coverage.


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I have always loved the sea. From a young age I did many water sports, any excuse to be in. Now I spend my days capturing it through a lens. It’s exhilarating, the shore break crashing over me and trying to capture that split second in time. Its natural beauty and the ever changing colours and light make each shot unique.

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My perfect beach day is no longer with a bucket and spade but a stick and a rake. One summer a rake had been thrown over the cliff from the local golf club and it was then I decided to give sand art a go. I soon realised I had an awareness for large scale drawings. This was perfect as I have a very large canvas to work with. Although very physically demanding, it is also very calming for the mind.

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Working with nature means doing my part in protecting the environment. With our seas and oceans over run with plastic, only we can change it. I am now using as much card, paper and recyclable packaging to help reduce this. I have always been active in regular beach cleans and have worked on initiatives with my local council. Whenever I come across any plastic in the sea, I remove it and bin it.


Ross clearly brings perseverance, energy and precision to his art. The results are impressive images of fleeting moments, and in addition to the spectacular photos his attention to detail in presenting the finished artwork shows he is a great professional. It is our privilege to look at one of his works every day.Amy & Peter Trotter


Braving the cold conditions of the UK waters, Ross is able to produce some amazing shots in often average conditions. It’s a rare quality for a surf photographer! At Salty Surf Housings, we are stoked that Ross pushes our products into some harsh environments and comes up with the goods!Matt Hipsley - Salty Surf Housings - Australia


It was great to work with Ross at Botany Bay on Britain’s Favourite Walks. He’s got a real passion for the coast and produces some wonderful art; in and out of the water! Julia Bradbury - TV Presenter